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Owner arrested after he fails to post photo of his new car on Facebook

04, Aug 2013 By Bechara Bandhu

New Delhi. A newly bought Ford Fiesta was seized by local police after the owner of the car failed to post a picture of the car, with him standing alongside, on Facebook within 24 hours of making the purchase.

Mahesh Murthy, a technical analyst in one of India’s leading IT companies, recently returned from US after staying there for 2 years on an onsite assignment. He bought the car yesterday.

Sources confirm that Mahesh had clicked at least 20 pictures, some of them showing him and the car in the same frame, but none of them found their way on to the Facebook servers.

“We got a call yesterday afternoon about the incident. The caller did not mention his name. We checked with Ford’s dealer agencies and confirmed the purchase and waited for an extra hour to give Mahesh a chance to upload the photos. At around 5 PM, we went down to his flat, seized his car and took him under arrest,” said the police officer who arrested Mahesh.

One is supposed to notify the everyone in their social circle about their car purchase update
One is supposed to notify the everyone in their social circle about their car purchase update

Mahesh spent last night in jail and his family bailed him out today morning.

Upon being asked who he thinks informed the police, Mahesh hinted towards one of his colleagues Venkat, who envied Mahesh because he got a chance to travel onsite within 1 year of joining the company.

“Venkat has not spoken to me in 2 years. He joined the company about 6 months before I did and thought he should have been given the preference over me for onsite travel,” Mahesh explained what could have caused enmity between him and Venkat.

Mahesh’s family and particularly his girlfriend are quite upset with him after the incident.

“How can he be so stupid? I have told him so many times to be active on Facebook but he doesn’t care at all. He has not even liked my latest profile pic even after repeated pings, messages and pokes on Facebook,” said Mahesh’s girlfriend Vidya, who wondered if her boyfriend was socially misfit.

However, social media is divided over the issue.

Facebook audience has taken a firm stand against Mahesh’s laziness and a general disregard for Facebook. There have also been rumors that Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to de-activate Mahesh’s account if a total of at least 1,000,000 people ‘like’ or ‘share’ the status message put up by the ‘Ban Mahesh’ page administrator.

Thousands of pictures were also shared on Facebook that had text denouncing Mahesh’s acts e.g. “One like for one slap for this lazy guy” or “Please share it if you love your car”.

Twitter audience on the other hand, are extremely critical of local police’s behavior and government’s inaction on the case. Sarcasm and cynicism ruled the day on twitter following this bizarre news. Below are some of those tweets to give you an idea of what Twitterati have to say:

  • Got married 5 years back. Still haven’t put up marriage pics on FB. Can police please take away my wife too? #Mahesh #PoliceMafia
  • Rahul Gandhi announces a visit to Mahesh’s house. #IndiaIsGreat
  • Posted an album of all my car parts on Facebook. Engine, stereo, steering wheel, Carburetor, fuel cable etc. Why take a chance, right?

Out on bail and quite taken aback by the incident and above reactions, Mahesh has been reported to be trying to retrieve his Facebook password.

“We will give him back his car if he can get as many likes on his car’s pic as many rupees he spent on buying it and securing his bail,” Delhi police representative confirmed.