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Panic strikes as Facebook allows girls to list anyone as brother on Rakshabandhan

13, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Suraj, who had successfully added a good looking Karishma to his Facebook friend list last month, was shocked to see a “Karishma is now sister of Suraj” update on his news feed this morning. Suraj had not confirmed this relationship status change, probably initiated by Karishma, but a new feature on Facebook bypassed this requirement to celebrate Rakshabandhan – the festival celebrating relationship between brothers and sisters.

“I was shocked,” 17-year-old Suraj confirmed as he desperately tried to edit his profile to remove Karishma as a family member, “I can’t even change this shit now! What the hell is this?”

At one point of time Suraj even thought of removing Karishma as friend, but dropped the idea as that would have stripped him of the rights to see her photos albums, which contained photos of many other good looking girls.

“Her privacy options don’t allow a normal visitor to see her photos,” Suraj expressed his frustration even as hordes of his male friends ‘liked’ the ‘activity’ of him becoming the Facebook brother of Karishma.

Rakhi and Rakshabandhan
Facebook says that implementing the new feature is as easy as tying a Rakhi on someone’s wrist

Karishma, who has over 900 friends and 1200 pending friendship requests on Facebook, confirmed that it was her who made Suraj a brother.

“His first message to me on Facebook was – plz add me and replay me – I ignored. He kept on sending me messages and I don’t know when and why I added him. And it was worse after that. He liked all my photos and commented on everything I posted!” Karishma explained her relationship with Suraj.

This morning Karishma got a personalized mail from the Facebook team that made her aware of the Rakshabandhan special feature, which allowed a woman from India to list any man from her contact list as a brother without having to wait for approval from the man concerned.

“The mail said it was in the spirit of the Rakshabandhan,” Karishma showed the official e-mailer that also said – they can run, they can hide, but they can’t escape your love.

Apart from Suraj, Karishma confirmed that she made at least seventeen more “rakhi brothers” through this new feature.

And Faking News can confirm that this phenomenon was not limited to just Karishma and Suraj, thousands of other Indian men were filled with panic as they saw themselves being listed as brothers by women they had been trying to flirt with.

When contacted by Faking News, Facebook administrators confirmed that the new feature was enabled by them and that it would remain active for a day. They refused to comment what happens to the changed relationship statuses afterwards.

“We have no idea, you should know as you are from India. We just implemented something that we thought was not very different from what happens in the real world,” a Facebook official explained.

“Yes, people can edit their profile after Rakshabandhan ends,” the official clarified, which gave some of the panic stricken men a glimmer of hope.

However, sources inform that many users have already taken screenshots of the news feeds and have uploaded it on their Facebook photo albums, which might make erasing the footprints of the new relationships difficult for now-brother men.

“Hahaha, I’ve tagged both Suraj and Karishma in the photo,” Rohan, a mutual friend of the newly made brother-sister told Faking News.