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Parliament lauds intense efforts of "India" community on orkut

09, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Where Indians discuss
Where Indians discuss

New Delhi. Parliament of India today unanimously passed a resolution praising the activities and enthusiasm of “India” community on the social networking website orkut. Parliament entreated the citizens of India to learn from the orkut community, comparing the community forum and the members as resembling the parliament itself. Honorable members of parliament are pondering over empowering the community to take some influential decisions with statutory authority for the betterment of the nation. The concerned orkut community was inching towards 9 lakh members when this report was filed.

“India community discusses and resolves hundreds of issues daily, repeating the process all round the year with the same issues. This is exactly what we do in the parliament. The moderators of the community also do a wonderful job as they delete the posts of members who use irrelevant, obscene or offensive language, this is akin to expunging irrelevant or offensive remarks of MPs from parliament records. The community is really impressive.” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi said.

The minister also cited various other similarities between the orkut community and the parliament, including some unfortunate ones like ‘cash for question’ incident, where members initiate discussions with commercial motives. Such topics are known as ‘spam’ in the orkut community, while the parliament considers them ‘scam’.

Parliament members are thinking of outsourcing some of the Zero Hour discussion topics to the same orkut community as the lower house proceedings are usually stalled due to commotion and disruptions by members and the upper house is usually busy electing new members. Constitutional experts too have hailed the decision of the parliament and termed it as a paradigm shift in the concept of e-governance.

Members of parliament have also declared that the members of the orkut community will now be known as MICs on the lines of parliament members being referred as MPs, because the orkut community is also known as IC370. It’s not yet clear if MICs will enjoy the same kind of privileges and rights as MPs, but community members, apart from Google, have expressed gratitude and gratification over the development.

“This indeed is a welcome step and I hope we would now be truly playing our role in the nation building process. People used to laugh at us and mock us why we used to spend so much time on the community. Now they’d know what it means to be an MIC.” Maswood, an IC370 member said. Similar optimism and confidence was expressed by new MICs  like Shubham and Moderators (speakers?) like sarkar.matrix and Utkarsh.

It’s expected that very soon the orkut community will have topics corresponding to Zero Hour questions, tagged as [ZERO-HOUR] in the topic name, which will be intensely debated by the members as they would try to find an answer.