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Passersby leave a man dying on Delhi road assuming it as a “social experiment”

26, Jun 2014 By Akash

New Delhi. There is an old saying (not yet credited to Einstein on any website) that “Excess of everything is bad”, even if that “everything” is meant for something good. This old saying has just got proven right on an elite Lodhi road near Khan market in Delhi during busy hours today.

In a shocking incident, people left a badly wounded man lying on the road unattended and just passed by him without doing anything, thinking of this whole event as a “social experiment” meant for social media.

Social Experiment
Don’t worry, he is just sleeping.

A few thela pullers and auto wallahs, who were thinking of helping the wounded man, were stopped by some net savvy youngsters who told them to “hold it” and not to fail the experiment.

“I kinda knew it was a social experiment, which will lose all the charm if the guy actually received some help. Who will watch such videos?” one of the youngsters told Faking News.

Finally, two cops on  duty in that area observed the wounded  guy and sent him to Safdarjung hospital without paying any heed to those social media freaks.

Mr. Chatarpal Singh, ACP of Lodhi area later informed about the incident, “There is this drama (Social Experiment) trending on social media these days, in which a wounded guy is left unattended on road. They play somber music and show cruel people passing by. And at the end of the experiment, the wounded guy rises and shouts on everybody who were standing there and watching him die.”

“Now, as you know Khan Market attracts youths and so called intelligentsia who are too much active on social media. When they saw that wounded man, they immediately considered it the same experiment and let it happen to make sure it goes viral. When some guys tried to to intervene, these folks convinced them not to help by saying, ‘acting hai yeh, disturb mat karo (it’s an acting don’t disturb)’. Had our brave cops not reached, that guy would have not been saved,” he added.

Rahul Khanna, a 21-year-old who thought of it as an experiment was feeling very guilty after knowing the truth. He blamed Ad agencies and NGOs conducting such experiments and putting them online.

After hearing about this bizarre incident, NDA government is thinking of banning NGOs and possibly, internet. “Besides Greenpeace, action must be taken on such NGOs who are fooling our people on the name of such experiments and tending them towards being inhuman,” BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

Meanwhile Delhi is in shock after this incident. Facebook confirmed a 20% decline in logins from Delhi since the incident came to light.