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Photographers propose license system to curb growth of Facebook photographers

21, Aug 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. Taking inspiration from Manish Tewari’s suggestion of license requirement to practice journalism, Professional Photographers’ Association (PPA) has asked the government to incorporate similar measures in field of photography.

“There was a time when being a photographer meant imagination and composition, but today it means upload and share,” said veteran photographer Sajid Malik referring to the growing breed of Facebook photographers.

“Anyone with a DSLR camera today is photographer. In fact, even mobile cameras are enough and rest of the photography is done by Instagram,” Malik rued.

“I mean I don’t understand it,” Malik shared his frustration with Faking News, “Do people who buy a cricket bat list themselves as a cricketer on Facebook? They how come they suddenly become photographer after buying a digicam?”

An intense moment of Facebook photography

“They take close-up shots of anything – cats, dogs, frogs, or if the camera is high zoom, of mosquitoes and ants – and wow, you become a wildlife photographer. Next, create a Facebook page by your name and put your photo with camera as DP, and there, your career begins,” the 45-year-old explained why the world desperately needed a license system where only ‘deserving’ candidates get to call themselves as ‘photographers’.

Similar sentiments were echoed by many leading photographers, who claimed that their market value had crashed faster than Sensex and Rupee due to Facebook photographers.

“The other day I said I am a photographer and my uncle laughed at me for good 5 minutes and said ‘who toh hamaara beta bhi hai, yeh batao kaam kya karte ho, woh toh din bhar Facebook pe timepass karta hai?’ (even my son, who spends all his time on Facebook, is a photographer, tell me what do you do?)”

PPA has demanded that an organization should soon be formed that grants licenses to ‘genuine’ photographers and removes the Facebook pages of ‘fake’ ones.

“For licensing, we request Mr. Manish Tewari to step in, while for removing Facebook pages, we want Mr. Kapil Sibal to help us,” said a PPA representative.