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PM Modi promises 'Candy Crush Request Mukt' Facebook ahead of meeting Zuckerberg

25, Sep 2015 By indianpsycho

California. Ahead of a Townhall meeting that PM Modi will be hosting at Facebook headquarters, he announced a new campaign.

After making a steady progress in ensuring a ‘Congress mukt Bharat’, PM Modi has now assured Indians, who have been facing torturous and annoying Candy Crush Saga requests from their friends on Facebook, of a ‘Candy Crush request mukt’ Facebook.

Modi sending candy crush requests to Nitish Kumar to irritate him ahead of Bihar elections.
Modi sending candy crush requests to Nitish Kumar to irritate him ahead of Bihar elections.

“Candy crush requests have been plaguing Indians since UPA rule. But they slept over it and did nothing. But we won’t. We are quite mindful of the pain an average Facebook user in India goes through every day trying to negotiate with those unwanted requests,” a PMO official explained purpose of the new campaign.

Downplaying that it has got anything to do with garnering more support among youth, Modi claimed that for the first time a ruling party in India is doing something which was not even promised in its election manifesto.

“I am sure Zuckerbergi ji would understand the pain as he was himself subjected to it when he visited India last year,” PM Modi tweeted. “I am confident with his  support we can achieve this by 2018.”

This decision has come as a relief to crores of Facebook users who claimed that the entire purpose of being on the social networking site was getting defeated by it.

“Candy crush requests are such a distraction when you are doing some important work,” said a 24 year old man,” I mean just when I am trying to concentrate on the pics of random girls, bang comes a request, completely spoiling the mood I am in.”

Meanwhile Congress blasted Modi and termed the move fascist.

“Everybody knows Rahul Baba loves playing Candy Crush. This is a deliberate attempt by Modi to get rid of the only thing Rahul Baba excels in and is capable of defeating Modi in,” Digvijay Singh told Faking News.