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Popular websites from around the world to remove purposeless 'Google+’ share button from their pages

19, Jan 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. Tech giant Google today received a big shock as popular websites from around the world have decided to remove Google+ share button from their web pages after finding it purposeless.

Major online new portals, magazines and entertainment websites claim Google+ button is so less clicked by site visitors that most of the visitors don’t even know how it feels to click Google+ share button.

Probably that one person is Google CEO himself.

“Once we conducted a survey on our website and asked readers if they had ever clicked Google+ button in their entire life, I was not surprised to find 99.5% were Google+ virgins,” revealed Anand Sharma, CEO of an Indian news website, “We have allowed it to stay on our website for so long just because it belongs to the respected and powerful Google dynasty. But, there is a limit to everything.”

Adding further, Anand Sharma, who closely follows politics and cricket, went on to compare Google+ with Rahul Gandhi.

“Google+ button is still there on the web pages across the internet just because of its influential family. Google is trying to make it work by putting in so much resources, but results are completely disappointing,” Anand Sharma continued lambasting the the social networking site, “Google says it has really nice features. Bhai itna talented hai to perform kyon nahi karta? Even Rohit Sharma performs once in a while.”

As per Mr. Sharma, most of the news articles which his website publishes, Google+ fails to score even a single share on them. “It’s time for Google+ to announce official retirement from the internet,” said Anand Sharma advising Google.

However, sources close to Google say, because of the respect which it commands in the market, the tech giant is looking for a respectable exit.

“They don’t want Google+ to retire as a loser and they are still looking for a high point in Google Plus’ career. Last month, a famous tech news website reported 24 Google+ shares on one of its articles, but Larry Page was adamant on at least 30 shares, so they missed a chance to announce Google Plus’ retirement,”  disclosed a source, “And now as websites are going to remove the share button, it seems, Google is not going to get that opportunity ever.”