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Professors to send readings on WhatsApp to check if students have read them

07, Nov 2014 By swagaanusar

New Delhi. Following the massive upheaval caused by the new ‘Blue Tick’ feature on WhatsApp, which allows senders to check whether their text messages have been read by the recipient, or not, professors of Pugly Professional Universities (PPU), have decided to send readings and study notes to the students on WhatsApp.

Boon or bane?

“We want to ensure that our students read the prescribed texts on a regular basis,” said Parindam Bothery, Associate Professor at PPU, “Our world-class faculty has noticed that most of the students spend their time on WhatsApp, even during lectures. So we have decided to revolutionize our teaching methodology. This shows how we dare to think beyond the IIMs. Our long term plans include incorporating WhatsApp emojis into a student feedback mechanism.”

However, this move hasn’t been very well received by the students, who are already worried about the repercussions of this new feature on their love life, and dating practices.

“I cannot believe that WhatsApp did this to us. I was relieved to know that the ‘last seen’ feature was made optional, and I could lie to my boyfriend Tinku, that I couldn’t read his messages. But this is devastating,” commented Khaliya Hatt (name changed on request).

“Now profs will think we have read the notes and they could announce exams!” she added.

Similar concerns were raised by many students who demanded that WhatsApp changed their terms and conditions and banned any educational or intellectual communication on the messaging app.

“People hardly do that anyway, so why change the nature of WhatsApp?” a student protested against professors’ decision.

Like educational institutes, people outside the campuses too are divided over the new WhatsApp feature that informs people if the recipient has read the message.

“I am elated by this news,” says Jarya Babbar, who has been recently diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Checking Disorder (OCCD), “I no longer need to repeatedly check if my friends have read my forwarded WhatsApp jokes and replied with a LOL. I can sleep peacefully now. In fact, my doctor thinks that I will be off medication soon.”

Apart from an emotional turmoil among the youth, the news of this new feature has led to widespread political unrest as well.

Andawind Bhurjiwal, senior leader of  (Protest Ainwayi Anytime Party) PAAP, has called for a protest at Jantar Mantar, against the government and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the Facebook, which recently acquired WhatsApp. 

Yahi toh scam hai,” Andawind told Faking News, “The government does not want to disclose the list of Indians holding Swiss bank accounts, but wants to know whether we have read our messages..”