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Real estate prices shoot up around Railway stations after Google’s free wi-fi

17, Apr 2016 By banneditqueen

Mumbai: Google, in association with RailTel is now providing free high speed internet in 10 Railway stations across India and this has resulted in real estate boom near all those railway stations. After Mumbai Central, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Ranchi, Raipur, Vijayawada, Kacheguda (Hyderabad), Ernakulum Jn (Kochi) and Vishakhapatnam have also got high speed internet. RailTel-Google-WiFi-proj

Google is going to provide free internet at 100 Railway stations by the end of the current financial year and it is expected to boost real estate prices around all those stations. Real estate brokers, who were upset with a slow market, are delighted and asking Google to speed up its implementation.

There were long queues of people outside real estate agents near these stations. One such person, Rajesh Sethi told faking news correspondent, “I will be spending a little extra by buying a house near the railway station but look at the benefits, free uninterrupted high speed internet! That is the dream bro. This will reduce my monthly expense by half plus I will get uninterrupted service. Right now, I have to dance around with my phone to try and capture the signal. I have already disconnected my internet connection also.”

Apart from boom in real estate market, this free wi-fi has also resulted in very high sale of platform tickets. 21 yrs old college student Rishabh told Faking News, “This is so awesome. My expenses have reduced by 75% after this free wi-fi. Just buy platform ticket, get inside, watch high definition videos on my tab whole day and go home in the evening, my college life is set.”

Not everyone is happy with this initiative though. Telecom companies are reporting huge loss of revenue and are trying to come up with a strategy to stop people from moving to free wi-fi. “As it is nobody is calling or using SMS these days, if we even lose internet charges then what will we do with our towers, use them to dry our clothes?” asked a senior executive at a telecom company.

Meanwhile, Railway Ministry has requested passengers to stop asking Railway Minister for help if they can’t buffer porn videos while using free internet on the railway stations.