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Relationships suffer a heavy blow as Facebook fails to notify birthdays

03, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 25-year-old Praveen is on verge of losing his job as he couldn’t wish his manager on his birthday today. Praveen was the only one in the office who had no idea why a cake had been ordered in the office, and he happened to ask the question to Ankit, his boss and the birthday boy of the day. A curious Praveen was left crestfallen when he realized the faux pas he had committed.

“I checked my Facebook account and there were no birthday notifications! I remember being the first one to wish Ankit a happy birthday on his wall last year. Everyone thought that the 7.54% salary hike that I got was due to that quick performance,” Praveen, a regular Facebook user with 2443 friends said.

The Facebook Cake
Most birthdays are being celebrated only on Facebook, research says.

Praveen then checked Ankit’s profile and he found his date of birth listed there, visible to public. Ankit hadn’t even unfriended him, but somehow Facebook failed to remind him about the occasion – a grave miss that can now cost his job.

“Boss was already unhappy with me for missing office on first Monday of 2012; that’s how I missed the HR mail reminding of the coming birthdays in the month,” Praveen told Faking News.

Millions of other Facebook users too complained of this technical glitch that stopped birthday notifications from appearing on their Facebook profiles. Experts have rated it as the most serious bug in Facebook till date, as it could potentially ruin millions of personal and professional relationships.

“Facebook was already being blamed for one-third of divorces, but now they have to take blame for lost jobs, broken hearts, and avoidable spending,” an internet security expert predicted.

“It could even drive away users to Google Plus!” the expert further warned of the unimaginable consequences.

The predictions by experts don’t appear way off the mark as Vikas had to buy a diamond ring for his girlfriend Poonam after he failed to wish her on her birthday last night. Vikas too blames Facebook for his impending credit card bill.

“They won’t stop reminding me to add some random guy as friend or to like some stupid page that some stupid friend of mine has liked, but they forgot to remind me of my girlfriend’s birthday! This is outrageous!” an angry Vikas said.

Apart from people like Vikas and Praveen, who are battling upheavals in their personal and professional lives due to the latest Facebook bug, there are people like Manish who have started doubting their own worth after nobody cared to wish them on their birthdays.

“Man, I don’t have a single real friend!” said a morose Manish, who finally updated his status as “Happy Birthday to me” to notify his friends. His status update attracted five ‘like’s.

“The fuckers just liked it, and didn’t bother to wish me even after that!” he rued.