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Responsible WhatsApp group admin found tirelessly laughing at every lame joke posted in the group chat

05, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Vipul Das, a full time WhatsApp group admin and a part time IT professional, was found to be tirelessly laughing at every lame joke posted by the group members for the last one year.

Vipul created this WhatsApp group named “We rule” around a year back and added 25 to 30 college friends to it. Since then, Vipul has been playing the role of a warm and caring group admin.

Tears of joy or tears of pain?

“As I am the creator of that group, there is a huge responsibility on me. You can treat me as I am the mother of all the members of the group, as it was me who brought them to the group. So obviously, I am sentimentally attached to each one of them and I truly care for every joke they post,” said Vipul, explaining reason behind his selfless service.

“Every time a group member posts a joke, I feel more worried than him/her. No matter how lame the joke is, I always pray, koi to has do yaar (someone please laugh), or else he will feel demotivated. I do my bit by typing two smileys, sometimes even four, as if it’s the funniest joke in the world. I imagine the satisfaction the joke-poster derives after seeing those smileys and feel good inside,” a teary eyed Vipul continued.

“If you want to know how funny, even your dumbest joke is, read it through the eyes of group admin,” he added.

Elaborating further, Vipul revealed that the intense desire to be a good host, apart from the motherly love, also plays an important part.

“I have invited them, now it’s my job to make them feel comfortable. Being a good group admin is not an easy job at all. You just can’t add people to a WhatsApp group if you don’t have the capability to laugh at their jokes” Vipul told Faking News.

Vipul feels that being such a kind group admin is indeed a selfless service, but it doesn’t go unrewarded. And the rewards are just amazing.

“As was reported earlier, WhatsApp group admins are being preferred for managerial jobs,” he pointed out, “And you get a lot of good karma by making people happy and content.”

“Those who are planning to make a career as WhatsApp group admin, just remember one thing – for a group admin, nothing in the world is more beautiful than the imagined happy faces of group members every time you laugh at a lame joke,” Vipul said in his message to young WhatsApp group admin aspirants.