Restaurant launches menu of Instagram worthy food

28, Dec 2017 By Tanuj Khosla

New Delhi: In a not-so-unexpected development, an upmarket restaurant in South Delhi has launched a separate menu of food that one can order only for the purpose of taking pictures to post on Instagram. The food that comes is not real and is charged on per minute basis.

Faking News sent its team for further investigations.

Said Balwinder Bhalla, the owner of ‘Eat Before You Die’ restaurant in Greater Kailash II, “Most people spend 30-40 minutes clicking pictures of food before eating it. Yesterday we had a couple who just ordered hot chocolate with some whipped cream. First they clicked the picture of the hot chocolate. Then the girl held at cup in various positions and the boy clicked her picture with it. Then the boy did the same and the girl clicked his pictures. After that they took multiple selfies with the cup. The hot chocolate became cold by that time. Finally after almost 45 minutes when they were about to take their first sip, a little bit of whipped cream got stuck on the girl’s nose. They found it so funny that they took many pictures of that by both zooming in and out. After that all of us thought that they shall finally drink the damn hot chocolate but that didn’t happen!! They took one sip, made a face and left!”

Balwinder paused to take a breath. He then continued.

“I have had ten times more customers complain to me about the look of the food than the taste!! Finally I decided to create a separate menu of food items that look beautiful but are made up of plastic that one can’t eat. And they are bringing me more revenue than real food! I charge INR 100 per minute for our signature Tiramisu cake’s ceramic replica and yet it is always sold out. It never comes back to the shelf and is always moving from one table to another! I am telling you and please mark my words – this is the future of restaurant business!!”

Balwinder started shaking violently. Our reporter thought that he had a stroke but his felt more compelled to do his duty as journalist than a good human being and didn’t offer to take him to the hospital.

Faking News caught up with Tanuj Khosla, its in-house expert on such issues. “Balwinder’s idea is revolutionary,” said Tanuj while adding red chilli pickle to his mango lassi. “These days it a cardinal sin to eat anything without informing your friends and family about it on Instagram. Imagine how sad and lost you would feel if your sibling or girlfriend had lunch and you had no idea what they ate. Balwinder is trying to solve a very big social problem – now you can let the world know what you ate without ACTUALLY eating it!! This shall save people both calories and money. I think Balwinder should be awarded a Noble prize for such a noble initiative.”