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Salman fans taking coaching to understand meaning of Salman's tweets last night

10, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Not used to such thought provoking tweets from Salman Khan and even otherwise anything thought provoking, Salman fans have enrolled themselves in a coaching classes to understand meaning of the series of tweets from the superstar’s official handle yesterday night.

For the uninitiated, Salman asked his fans to behave well with other members of his fraternity  on Twitter (Read: SRK) and not be as jobless as replying to him.

Reaction of Salman fans after reading those tweets.
Reaction of Salman fans after reading those tweets.

Unable to get the gist of what the 49 year old actor was saying, his fans got confused after they read a rather unusually longer length of tweets from him. While some continued to reply back to him despite his appeal, others who had not yet watched Veer, Jai Ho etc could understand something was amiss.

“First we thought his account was hacked,” said a Salman fan, “I mean we aren’t used to such style of tweets from him. At best we can understand ‘Ae kya hua?’ ‘Zinta’s team won kya?’Koi shaq’ and tweets in these formats.”

“We realized he was talking some sense, when tweets went longer than these usual 15-20 characters and immediately created a group DM on Twitter to chat and see if anyone among us understood what bhai wants to convey,” confessed @SalmanrocksmorethanSRgay handle on twitter.

“For us, those tweets were nothing less that dialogues and scenes from a Christopher Nolan film,” he went on to claim, before leaving for his class.

However after the class, not all Salman fans were amused by what he had to say.

“This is not done. After devoting 3 years of my life in abusing SRK and his fans on Twitter, this is what I get for my services,” said a fan who is now considering switching allegiance to Uday Chopra or Dino Morea.

“These actors at least respect their fans. Unlike Salman, I am sure they wont only reply back to every mention, they will also retweet/favorite it and follow back the person,” he added.