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Serial social-media debater feels lonely after Delhi results, fails to participate in Nitish-Manjhi supporters clash on Twitter

16, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Dhananjay Tarkmitra, who has been a ferocious supporter of Aam Aadmi Party throughout the election campaign is experiencing extreme withdrawal symptoms since 10thFeb when the results were declared.

Dhananjay, who claims to have successfully fought against BJP and Congress supporters in 335 Facebook debates and 892 Twitter debates in past 2 months is now feeling the action missing after results are out. His Facebook page, “AAP ke Baazigar” has not received a single post in last few days even after him refreshing the page a few 100 times every hour. His continuous tweets on Twitter challenging BJP and Congress supporters are met with no replies at all.

Bad times

“I am asking them again and again, come on, let’s discuss how BJP may have let AAP win deliberately for so and so reasons. I even tried to provoke them saying I wish I had voted for BJP just for fun, but no one seems to be interested in debating at all,” a teary eyed Dhananjay told Faking News.

When asked if he tried to participate in other social media debates he said, “I felt very happy when this political crises broiled up in Bihar. I immediately created a Twitter handle @OMereManjhiAbkiBaar and started fighting Nitish supporters on Twitter. But no one seems to be noticing me at all. When I started targeting some of the Nitish supporters personally, they simply blocked me; not even a word was said. All my attempts to enter Nitish vs Manjhi vs Amit Shah debates have so far failed. There is no aim in my life now.”

In words of noted social media psychologist Sanjeev Manpasand, Such cases of nervous breakdown are common among supporters of political parties and football teams during elections or sports tournaments because people get too emotionally attached to their so called ‘Deity’. And when the said election or the football tournament is over, they feel the crunch, the process of decompression for months. All they need is love and care of another such debate.”

Dhananjay when asked what he plans to do next, told Faking News that he is now planning to participate in a heated debate between Chinese manufacturers on what should be the best distillation process for plastic materials used in disposable baby nappies.

Since that debate is technical in nature and taking place on “Weibo” the Chinese social media website, Dhananjay is now taking chemistry tuitions to understand distillation process and taking “Mandarin” language classes for making compelling and fiery arguments in his debates.