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Social Media Influencer fails to find a place in Time’s most influential people list

22, Apr 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. 23-year-old Abhishek Sood was left devastated earlier today when he discovered that Time magazine has not included him in its world’s 100 most influential people list. Abhishek is a leading social media influencer and he was hopeful of being included in the list.

“It is fine that they included Priyanka Chopra as her tweets get retweeted, but have you not seen the impact I create?” a bewildered Abhishek demanded to know, “Last week I had to promote a shampoo brand as a social media influencer and my ‘selfie with shampoo in my armpit’ got 67 retweets. Can Priyanka do something as creative?”

Social Media Influencer
Abhishek (in red) and his alleged fake accounts.

Social media agencies confirm that Abhishek is one of the most sought after influencers when a brand wants to trend something on Twitter or get visible on Facebook.

“He is always ready to help, whether it’s about promoting a tobacco brand or a hospital. He’s really influential as he can get people to retweet and like his promotional posts,” a social media campaign manager told Faking News.

We didn’t bother to verify the claims of the manager as it’s the duty of media to publish anything without cross checking.

With whopping 13k followers on Twitter and a full house 5k friends on Facebook, Abhishek commands rates around 1000 rupees per 15 words per Facebook post or tweet, which is more than many writers manage by writing books with over 50k words.

“And yet they didn’t include me in the list!” the young man with 43 Twitter and Facebook accounts wondered.

To get back at Time magazine, Abhishek is planning to launch a social media campaign against Time magazine. He was negotiating a rate with himself when reports last came in.