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Social venture now has an android app: Change your religion at click of a button

19, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: A social entrepreneurship venture by name, which specializes in helping people change their religion has informed media via a press release that they will now be targeting a broader internet audience using an android app. Managing director of and leading social-activist Jagdeesh Patrick talked to the media in detail about this new app.

“I have been a lawyer for a long time and I have seen people struggling with considerable paper-work pertaining to changing their religion. Also there are times when certain organizations want hundreds of people to change their religion in bulk and things get prolonged due to the  complexity of the process. Through our android app we plan to standardize the legal and logistical aspects of this process and make things easier for people who wish to change their religion. At the same time we seek to provide better account-management services to big organizations who wish to buy our religion-change services in bulk,” Jagdeesh said.

So easy and user friendly.
So easy and user friendly.

He further continued, “The base infrastructure to support this app was already present. Our venture already offers a comprehensive religion-change package specifically designed to streamline the process. We also have an elaborate catalogue of religions which the user can quickly choose from and afterwards we would arrange for complete paper-work and legal detailing around it. Other than the run-of-the-mill religions, our rich-catalogue extends to Scientology, Tribalism, Wicca, Paganism and few nature-based religions which users can choose from. You can further customize your religion by choosing a specific caste and sector that suits you the most. Your tailor-made religion served to you right on the proverbial plate.”

On being asked how will the app actually work, Jagdeesh provided a detailed demo of the app to reporters, “As you can see we have sleek radio-button driven catalogue where you can indicate the religion, caste and sub-caste of your choice and click this green submit button here. After that on the 2nd page we ask for a few demographic details, and a pic of yours which you can easily click through your phone-camera and quickly upload to our app. 3rd page is the payments page where you can key in your credit-card details. We accept all major credit/debit cards, net-banking transactions and you can even pay using pre-paid digital wallets. For bulk buyers we offer sweeter tariffs.

In case you are a retail buyer but coming in through a corporate religion-change sponsorship please key in the relevant promo-code on this page and you will not have to pay a single penny, infact you will be paid some pre-decided amount into your bank account. As you see within a few seconds and with a click of few buttons you will be all set for your religion to be changed completely.

All-in-all religion-change business is tough and needs technological disruption. Except us no one has been able to master the e-commerce aspect of it as yet. We are well-funded and since we have close tie-ups with all major religion-change service providers and agents, we are best suited for taking the business to a next level. We ourselves are a provider but now we are on road to become an aggregator, which is a positive change for the whole industry.” Jagdeesh concluded.