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Super excited at getting the best online deal on Diwali, man ends up buying 'pack of 4 Bras for 499' for himself

09, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

Gurgaon: A Gurgaon based techie, who was desperately looking for a good deal online, in his excitement, ended up buying a pack of ‘4 bras for 499’ for himself.

The 'awesome' online deal that Ashish is now regretting
The ‘awesome’ online deal that Ashish is now regretting

Ashish Verma, who has been scouting around every e-commerce site for the last few weeks hoping to get the maximum discount, spoke to our reporter.

“Its festival time so most sites have their ‘big million sale’ and all that. Some of them are offering huge discounts. I got carried away by the hype and ended up buying this,” he said, holding up four multi-colored bras in his hand.

“I just saw the huge 58% discount I was getting on the product, without even realizing that it is a pack of bra, which is of no use for me. Probably as useless as Stuart Binny in the Indian cricket team,” he added, with embarrassment clearly visible on his face.

A refund or exchange has also not worked for him after the e-commerce site refused to take back the bra set citing refund policy.

Apparently Ashish’s wife already left for her mother’s place after finding the ‘unidentified piece of lingerie’ in the wardrobe. “My attempts at explaining to her the goof up has failed. Now I will have to buy her a diamond necklace to coax her into coming back,” said Ashish.

Friends and neighbors knowing about this has added to Mr. Verma’s problems. “Even the guy at the grocery store now calls Ashish as ‘bra wale bhaisahab’. Must be difficult for the poor guy to shake the tag off,” said a next door neighbor.

Meanwhile, Ashish’s maid servant Gangu Bai has refused to work for him anymore. I was cleaning the house for Diwali when I found the lingerie tucked behind the sofa set. Logon ke gharo se paise nikalte hai aur inke yaha bra. Nahi karoongi aise ghar me kaam,” she said.