Survey says 90% youngsters use festivals as an excuse to message their crushes and Exes

27, Oct 2017 By Guest Patrakar

A survey conducted by the students of California University and Gopalchand Deemed University suggests that a majority of youngsters now use festival greetings as an excuse either to break the ice or re-initiate talks with their crushes and exes respectively.

India is a land of festivals, and that’s one of the reasons India has the ideology of Vasudev Kutumbakam, because relatives keep coming to stay together, making the whole world, one home.

These festivals not only bring relatives, but also bring smiles on people’s face for various reasons. People wait for their special festival whole year. Time has changed now people wait for festivals for their personal reasons too. After shopkeepers and shopping websites, if there is anyone who wait eagerly for these festivals- it’s the people who want to reconnect with their Exes.

A recent survey conducted after Diwali confirms that people wait for festivals in order to talk to their crushes and exes. Raghu Chandra (changed name) of Bengaluru said, “Me and my girlfriend were not on talking terms since 3 months, but as Diwali came I sent her a Diwali forward and she responded with the same. We laughed it out and start talking again! All thanks to Diwali.”

Manoj Malhotra of Delhi too confirmed this, He said, “I am an engineer and I am in love with my colleague, Anshita (name changed) since many years. Though never mustered up the courage to tell her. She never replies to engineers so only way I can get her reply is by wishing her on Diwali, New Year, Holi, her birthday or getting wished by her on my birthday.”

“Manoj’s desperation to get a reply from Anshita is so high that he once mistakenly wished her Happy Muhrram after which she block Manoj on WhatsApp,” told his friend Ashwin.

It’s surprising that in today’s world of artificial intelligence people still want replies from human beings. But if that is how it is then we must show our gratitude for being part of such a beautiful culture of India that allows us to message our near and dear ones every other day.