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Sycophant employee creates an app to like every status of boss on Facebook

04, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. Taking sycophancy to unheard of heights, a techie has created an app last week which enables sycophants like him in auto liking every status of their boss on Facebook, as it gets posted in realtime.

Not just this, the app also randomly picks one of the comments from a range of comments like ‘Good one sir’, ‘The best status ever’, ‘Boss, you are the best’ etc and posts one of these to that status.

Chaplus Besharma, the techie who developed this app, claims that this app would be a boon to all those employees who also have some work allocated to them in their KPI besides boot-licking.

“It is pretty difficult to be hands on when it comes to liking every status and posts of bosses for those techies who are not on bench,” Chaplus told Faking News, “And the same is applicable to those with heavy work load from other industries.”

Digital bootlicking!
Digital bootlicking!

“You see Chaplusi is an art that knows no boundaries, no prejudice etc. It simply cuts across industries from all spectrum. It doesn’t differentiate on the basis of caste, creed, religion etc. It doesn’t really have judgment in its purest form,” he went to explain how sycophants from different walks of life would benefit from such app.

Chaplus realized the need for this app when he was once beaten by his colleague in liking status of his boss by a whisker. The colleague later got into the good books of the boss and earned better increment than him.

“That day I was traveling back from office, stuck on Bangalore roads for 2 hours and on top of that had Vodafone 3G connection. It was just 5 or 6 seconds by which I missed it,” Chaplus recalled the painful incident, trying to hold back his tears.

“And my boss is a voracious Facebooker, who posts a status or two every few minutes. So, it was getting beyond the realms of possibility for me to be the first person to like and comment on his posts,” he revealed.

However reports coming in from Mumbai claim that the app did not yield desired results for a 26 year old Business Development professional, who lost his job after he ended up liking and comment “The best status ever’ on a post by his boss that read “My granddad passed away today. Feeling really terrible”.