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Techie bypasses 10 firewalls to hack AIB website, watches the hidden roast video, gets offended

14, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Bengaluru: In a serious case of offended feelings a Bangalore based software engineer K. Srinivas Gouda got himself fuming with anger after he was able to relocate the hidden AIB roast video and watched it 3 times. He claims that he was only able to find the video on internet after 23 hours of non-stop hacking efforts.

Visibly offended!
Visibly offended!

“The video had been removed from all places on the internet and was nowhere to be found. I had to bypass 10 firewalls, hide my digital identity 13 times and cross-link 7 proxy servers throughout the world and only after that I could hack into AIB website. The video was hidden on the website in an encrypted format. I had to then decrypt the video using Fourier transforms, break the video file into very small bit stream chunks and tunnel the data-packets via high speed torrents into my hard-disk. Finally I was able to retrieve the packets and process them in Movie-maker to get the final video file. And after this humungous back-breaking effort what I got was offended feelings,” a moist-eyed Srinivas told Faking News.

On being asked about which parts of the video offended him, Srinivas said, “When the show began and Karan started speaking I grabbed a bag of Lays party pack, the cream & onion flavor, that is my favorite. But as the show progressed I slowly started feeling a sense of offended-ness in my spinal cord which then moved towards the back of my neck, where we have our small brain. Overall it was actually a mixed reaction. I was laughing my ass off during some portions and getting serious offended during other portions. All in all I think I was offended by almost 52% of the footage and laughed like hell for rest 48% of the footage.”

While Srinivas Gouda is now seeking legal route through a PIL against AIB roast organizers, his friend Sreenivas Gowda told Faking News that he and few other friends have rented a projector for 2 days and will be watching the re-runs of the roast video back to back until they get offended enough to consider legal action.