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Techie teaching Googling skills to his new born son so that he learns to walk and talk of his own

16, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Javesh Chaturverdi, a techie and a father to a newborn boy is teaching his child how to use Google search engine, so that his son learns to walk, talk and do other things on his own.

Javesh has named his four month old baby boy – Googlesh, and has even started tutoring him basic typing.

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“I still remember when I joined my first company as a junior software engineer, all I knew was googling, that’s all. Then down the years, because of my excellent googling skills, I climbed up the ladder of success and today I am a team lead,” Javesh said while explaining what prompted him to take this decision, “I am a Google made man, and so will be my son.”

All Javesh is planning to teach Googlesh is googling, nothing more.

“This is what my college taught me, exactly what I needed, nothing less, nothing more. So, me and my wife have decided to not teach Googlesh anything other than googling. We are sure that once he will start googling, he will learn everything on his own,” Javesh continued, adding that learning things on his own will make Googlesh more independent and strong.

Remembering initial years of his career, Javesh revealed how his senior colleagues used to give him a cold shoulder when he needed their help in coding.

“But it was Google which was always there for me. No matter how many times I repeated the same silly question, it replied with the same zeal without giving any disgusting facial expression. I think, as a dad answering random questions of his son, I would never be as cool as Google. At some point of time, I will definitely get pissed off,” said a sentimental Javesh rooting for Google.

“Let Google be his dad and mom. I am sure once Googlesh grows up, Google will be a better father to him than me. You know, certainly he will not be asking me how to kiss a girl, but he can ask Google whatever he want to,” Javesh concluded.