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Thousands of voyeurs spend whole day thinking about bras

09, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Thousands of facebook voyeurs had a great day yesterday when they let their imaginative power loose after reading names of various colors and patterns in facebook status updates, which was supposed to convey the color of bra (yeah, that thing that women wear) a woman facebook user was wearing. Although the status updates were supposed to create awareness against breast cancer, voyeurs were just too happy just like that.

“Manisha changed her bra three times man; black, pink and white towards the end of the day. I never knew women changed them so often.” said Roshan, one of the leading facebook voyeurs, who searched for pictures of black, pink and white colored bra on Google Images each time Manisha (name changed) changed her status message.

Victoria's Secret was out on facebook
Her facebook status message read “Leopard”

Roshan had seen 78 different kinds of bras by the end of the day as new colors, combination of colors, shades, textures, designs, patterns etc. kept on appearing on his facebook news feed. While searching and browsing for bra images, which flew as freely as his stream of consciousness, Roshan also learned about new models of Victoria’s Secret. He was an aware man by the end of the day.

“Yeah, I know it was about breast cancer awareness. It was good. Women should avoid toxic bras that cause cancers. Government should ban companies that use unnatural and industrial colors to dye bras.” said Roshan when asked if he knew why women were changing their status messages to different colors. “But none of them wrote ‘nothing’ as the status message. he he he…” added Roshan as he chuckled thinking about the day.

Thousands of other facebook voyeurs had similar stories to tell as they imagined various kinds of bras, and extended their imagination to other lingerie products on their choice of female bodies.

Apart from voyeurs, the color changing campaign also helped those persons, who had weak vocabulary as they got to learn new words like Beige, Fuchsia, Ochre, Pistachio, Harlequin, Paisley and Papyrus among others. Such words were not only flashed on facebook pages, but spilled over to twitter and Google Talk statuses too. The campaign seemed successful, but not everyone was happy.

“I don’t know what was achieved though this day long activity. And it didn’t make sense. Tomorrow men would start telling the color of their underwear to create awareness against piles. I am not impressed.” Somnath Sharma, a sociologist expressed his unhappiness.