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Thrilled with new speed of IRCTC website, man books thousands of tickets with no intention to travel

14, Sep 2014 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi. Enthused by the superb speed of bookings on the new IRCTC website, a 23 years old local boy has booked tickets worth four million kilometers in last three months.

Vinod Gupta, whose household goods were stolen last year when he was engrossed in booking a tatkal ticket on the old slow speed IRCTC website, was so impressed with its new version that he became addicted to its use like kid to a video game.

No more the same thing.

His neighbours say that he is at risk of getting his house looted once again because of his new addiction.

He would sit for hours glued to the screen booking tickets for stations ranging from Jammu to Chennai and Guahaati to Jamnagar under different classes till he exhausted his bank balance and also the credit card limits.

“This is such an exciting and emotional moment for me!” Vinod told Faking News, “This is like the girl who used to avoid you in high school is now asking you to go out for a coffee. I mean, how can you say no just because you may not have money?”

Unperturbed by lack of funds, Vinod started cancelling his old tickets to generate cash as he had no intention to travel and kept on bookings new tickets. He was truly addicted to the all new IRCTC screen like a junkie to opium.

A Railway official has revealed that in the process of so many reservations and cancellations, Vinod has so far paid close to Rs 5 lakhs as cancellation charges alone and is in danger of defaulting on his next payment of credit card bills.

“I am becoming an IRCTC ticketing agent from next month to turn  my passion into my profession,” an elated Vinay, who is a manager with a multinational company drawing a seven digit salary, told this correspondent in an exclusive interview.

Meanwhile, impressed by the speed of the IRCTC to book tickets, the railway minister is contemplating additional tracks and new trains to keep pace with IRCTC’s capacity to book tickets.