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To provide complete picture, allows exes to create marital profiles on person's behalf

15, Dec 2013 By hitesh14

New Delhi. In a move that amused some and confounded many, has unveiled its bold and ground breaking plan of allowing its users to create profiles on the behalf of their ex girlfriends or ex boyfriends.’s Communication VP was quoted as saying, Our old layout of profiles and the way they were created was not providing a wholesome view of the individual. Users these days want to know the relationship side of the person whose profile they are viewing. Is the guy fun to be with? Does he pamper his girl? How good is he in the sack? Is the girl a shopaholic? Is she a narcissist? How long can she keep her mouth shut? These  are some of the many questions that this new site aims to answer.

Rishta wahi, soch nayi.
Rishta wahi, soch nayi.

In the past, allowed an individual to create his or her own profile, or a profile could be created by the mother, father, sister and brother of the person concerned.

The matrimonial website conducted extensive surveys and talked to thousands of prospective brides and grooms and came to the conclusion that the information that is being provided was not wholesome.

Keeping all this in mind, the website came up with the innovative idea of allowing ex boyfriends and girlfriends to create matrimonial profiles for their exes, just to give a more firsthand account of the person involved.

This would be a source of much needed insider information for prospective brides and grooms. Not only your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend would be allowed to create your profile, they would be encouraged to provide as much insider information as possible. Your exes can now write testimonials about you too.

If a profile gets more than 5 testimonials from 5 different exes, then profile would be auto-upgraded to a “Stud” or “Babe” level.

VP further added that only verified exes would be allowed to post profiles. One sided obsessed lovers are not allowed to create profiles, albeit they can add testimonials to add value to the content. But such testimonials would not be counted for the Stud-Babe rating.

Further all this content should pose the individual in a good light. We don’t want the prospective bride/groom to run away reading exes testimonials about the individual. And consumers just love it.

Consider this testimonial for example, that Jiten  received from his ex girlfriend Aditi:

Jiten is real catch. What would you notice at first sight about him is his Adonis like looks. What he lacks in brains he certainly makes up in brawn. With buck loads of money in his pocket and a car always full of petrol, he is the guy who is always fun to hang around with. His narcissism is particularly cute. He can even skip Cricket matches if you ask him to. He will take you to regular shopping trips to Mango, Banana and Apple stores. To sum it up, if you end up marrying Jiten be ready to be pampered.”

Another testimonial that Paayal received from his ex boyfriend  Mudit goes like this:

Paayal is the quintessential girl next door. What you cannot see behind that slim figure is her love for food. She is the biggest foodie in the planet. She has eaten in every joint in town from the local Panipuri to the Hyatt poolside Lounge. She has been there done that. She has cook-o-phobia- fear of cooking and kitchen. She loves to shop, travel, party and is a self-confessed adventure sport fanatic.

Even our Rahul Baba got a testimonial from his ex girlfriend in his profile:

Rahul is freaking rich, he has lots of power and his family runs India as a ruling dynasty of sorts. He may well be PM of India one day-WTF. Nothing is impossible in the quagmire of Indian politics. If you marry Rahul, be prepared to be treated like a queen. You may even be asked to lead the country as PM at some point in your life irrespective of your own personal stature, qualifications or preferences.