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Twitter goes down, helps man take note it’s his wife’s birthday

12, Mar 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Twitter went down for around half an hour on Tuesday night throwing abnormal and nocturnal lives in tizzy all across India.

While those with no twitter-life balance felt breathlessness, the outage did help Rahul Singh avert a situation that could have disturbed balance in his real life.

Twitter error
Rahul kept looking at this picture while his wife kept looking at him in anger

“Thank god it went down and was not accessible even on mobile,” Rahul told Faking News, “After refreshing for 15 minutes, I finally decided to check status updates on Facebook if Twitter was down.”

“But as soon as I logged on to Facebook, I could see a birthday reminder. My wife’s birthday was there!” the 27-year-old recalled how he accidently discovered gold.

“Dude! I had absolutely no idea!” Rahul continued, “Fortunately, it was just a few seconds past midnight when I had logged into Facebook after giving up on Twitter. And I immediately wished my wife.”

“No no, I did feel like wishing her on Facebook itself, but realized that this could make things worse. So I got up and wished her face to face,” he clarified.

Rahul confirmed that his wife was growling at him as he had been busy trying to log into Twitter totally oblivious of her birthday.

However, he claims that he could save the situation by making it appear as if he remembered the birthday all along.

“I even poked her in a friendly manner and she’s cool with it,” Rahul claimed.

But experts doubt Rahul’s claim.

“Ha! What about any gifts or cakes? Could he manage that in that split second? Who is he fooling?” argued Twitter relationship expert @lvuislife who is single for last three years.

“We should watch his tweets,” said another expert @iknowall, “If he doesn’t tweet for another 16 hours, it means he’s busy with his wife and trying to pull things back.”