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Twitter to introduce verified account for trolls

28, Mar 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. Realizing the crucial role played by internet trolls – people who do maa-behn of any topic being discussed on any online platform – Twitter has decided to verify such accounts so that people are able to distinguish between a warm desire to start a conversation and a burning desire to indulge in mudslinging.

However, experts are not too sure if trolls will opt for such verification, which has to be initiated by the user himself.

“The real fun is when the other person has no idea that he or she is being trolled,” Dhiraj, a self-proclaimed professional troll told Faking News, “The other day this guy tweeted about how he was loving dhokla and soda in Ahmedabad and I replied to him that it proved he was a supporter of Narendra Modi. It was pure fun from there on.”

Twitter Troll
Many say trolling is a way of life, while some say it’s an art

“I’m sure his mood, even after having a tasty dhokla grew bitter after reading my tweet, but my mood, which was already bitter after a fight with my wife, got refreshed as I saw the poor guy send one tweet after another proving how apolitical he was!” Dhiraj explained the benefits of trolling.

Many other experts and regular practitioner of trolling agreed that having a verified account for trolling could be a total give-away and make trolling less appealing, but some disagree.

“Those who fall in trap of trolls would anyway don’t care to check the full profile,” Mahesh, a part-time twitter troll claimed, “You just need to spend a minute on a person’s profile to ascertain whether he or she is a troll. When people don’t care to do even that, how can they care to check for the ‘verified by twitter’ button?”

People like Mahesh believe that the verified accounts for trolls would rather help fellow trolls than “victims” of trolling.

“Trolls usually have to trawl through all the responses and comments to discover new trolls; this is very painful job, especially if the other troll discovered after so much effort turns out to be from the opposite camp. Verified account will at least make the search easier,” Mahesh said.

While the trolling community is divided, almost every leading journalists and politicians on Twitter has welcomed the new feature.

“But I don’t understand one thing,” Sagarika Ghose, leading journalist with CNN-IBN and an active Twitter user said, “Trolls are those who disagree with our views, something like Internet Hindus, right?”