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Unable to figure out Google Wave, youngster kills himself

09, Nov 2009 By Chotu Ustaad

Vadodara. Internet has taken a toll on human life yet again. Dildar Leherwala, a 24-year-old MBA student from Faculty of Management Studies, MS University Vadodara, committed suicide last night after spending two futile days trying to understand the features of Google Wave, a new social networking service by Google. An MS Word file titled ‘Suicide_note.docx’ found on his computer’s desktop has been taken as the conclusive proof. The note explains, with vivid desperation, the mental turmoil this young man had to go through while using Google Wave which led him to take this drastic step.

Dildar watched this video explaining features of Google Wave many times before he gave up
Dildar watched this video explaining features of Google Wave many times before he gave up

His family and friends revealed that Dildar was an internet freak and had an unmatched fascination with e-mailing and social networking websites.

His close friend, Dhaval, recalls with moist eyes, “I remember the day five years back when Dilds got an exclusive invitation from his uncle living in the USA to join Gmail. He was so happy. He instantly opened an email account and even sent Invites to all his friends.  He was so generous. He even treated us with muffins and patties in college canteen.”

Probing further, Faking News came to know some startling facts about his internet life. Dildar, incidentally had 13 e-mail accounts on 9 different e-mail hosting websites. He also had profiles on 21 social networking websites including many which were mostly unheard in India. He had 2132 friends on Orkut, 1477 on Facebook, 771 on Hi5 and 462 followers on Twitter. According to his friends, he had login ids on at least 200 different websites to get access to all kinds of stuff on internet. He even maintained a secret file on his laptop where he kept a note of all those logins and passwords. The file is still unlocated.

Dildar was restless for past few weeks since he heard about the launch of Google Wave. For more than ten days, his status message on almost all his social networking profiles said “Please send me a Google Wave invite. TIA!”

Rupesh, another close friend of Dildar explains, “He would usually change his status message twice a day on all his profiles, but this message stood for almost ten days. That showed his level of desperation. But finally his uncle from US again came to rescue and sent him a Google Wave invitation. This was on Friday. Since then, Dilds had locked himself in his room with his laptop and eatables sufficient for two days. Yesterday, when he went offline on G-Talk, we sensed something fishy and eventually had to break in to find that he had killed himself by crushing and chewing laptop batteries.”

Dildar’s suicide note sums up his need to take this drastic step. It says, “I know Google Wave is going to be bigger than anything else on internet. And being unable to understand its features fully, I feel like a loser and find myself unworthy of this life. I simply cannot show this miserable countenance to my friends and family. Thus I fully own the responsibility of ending my life and hope to be reborn with a brain fully compatible with Google Wave.”

Utterly grief stricken, Dildar’s family is planning to sue Google for his death. But following their advocate’s advice, they are currently going through the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of Google Wave before approaching the court. Net savvy Dildar had accepted thousands of terms and conditions online.