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WhatsApp conversation becomes unstoppable as colleagues exchange back-to-back smileys for hours

01, Jul 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore: In an interesting incident, popular messaging service WhatsApp has reportedly confirmed on having recorded its longest conversation ever, after colleagues in an Indian IT company exchanged back-to-back smileys continuously for hours together.

Sachin and Sameera are employed at Infosys Bangalore campus. Reports say the conversation started when Sameera wanted to thank Sachin for coding a complex requirement for her earlier during the day. We couldn’t get a snapshot of the exact conversation due to privacy reasons.

Whatsapp conversation of smileys
Whatsapp conversation of smileys

Records apart, Faking News spoke to Sachin to know his frank views on the conversation. Sachin said, “I usually code all my requirements and resolve issues if any, in a couple of hours. I dedicate the remaining hours at office to amateur developers and at times, to filling out my boss’s pointless spread-sheets. Yesterday, I assisted Sameera with her showstoppers and ensured everything was complete by the end of the day. What really surprised me was Sameera ‘thanking’ me later during the day. This was probably the first time someone thanked me for doing their work. I said ‘any time’, the two words that carry a risk of being called every other day for help. But what else could I do? It is a social obligation. I smiled at her, she smiled back. I smiled again and it never stopped. I’ve now become allergic to messengers, have decided to go for primitive methods like vocal conversations where obligatory smiles cannot last long.”

Sources say WhatsApp team is planning to send a special gift to both Sachin and Sameera for having created this record while the impulsive colleagues at office are planning to gift them with a huge smiley ball for what they achieved.