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Whatsapp to have annual awards function, award for Best Group and Group Admin up for grabs

27, Jun 2016 By @jurnoleast

If you thought being a group admin was a thankless job then Whatsapp is all set to change that. Whatsapp today announced that it will have what they call as ‘Oscars of social media, to honor contribution by those who have given their everything to the messaging service.

Being a Group Admin is not that bad afterall
Being a Group Admin is not that bad after all

The awards were announced in an update sent by Whatsapp, seeking nominations for categories such as best group, Best Group admin, best DP and so on.

The idea for having awards function was put forth after statistics revealed that the number of Whatsapp groups was steadily declining and management saw urgent need to stem the fall. “This quarter has been particularly worrying with only 10% growth in groups and around 1500 users relinquishing their duties as group admin,” said a source.

Elaborating more on the awards function, senior program manager Jason Wright said, “In our latest Whatsapp update, which will almost be the 1000th update this year, we will incorporate a functionality that will allow user to vote for their group and admin. If you think your admin deserves to win, u can send across your vote. Let the best admin win.”

The news of Watsapp awards brought cheer among the entire community of group admins, particularly those who were on the verge of shutting down their defunct group for good. “I thought I had enough of this ‘group admin’ thing. Do you know how much ridicule we admins face? But if this news is true, I might just start sending Good Morning messages again,” said Balwinder ‘Balls’ Singh, admin of Punjabi Munde group.

Sources also reveal that nominees will be flown to California at Facebook headquarters where a grand award ceremony is already being planned.

Many bollywood celebs, who are active on Whatsapp and currently participating in a fancy dress competition in Spain, have confirmed their presence at the awards function. “I am hoping to win in multiple categories. Hope my Bollywood Babe’s groupies are kind to me,” said an aspiring bollywood starlet, while taking a selfie.

Meanwhile, hectic activity was seen at Congress headquarters after the news of Whatsapp award was announced. If sources are to be believed, around 200 Whatsapp group’s in the name of congress party with Rahul Gandhi as group admin were created and votes sent across with the Congress vice-president as nominee. “This is the only chance for Rahul Gandhi to win anything. If he wins this award there will at least be something he can show as achievement,” said a senior party leader on condition of anonymity.