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When celebrities clicked Facebook spam links on their walls

16, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

The latest Facebook spam that appears to have started today tells you about a video in which you are looking stupid or funny or simply horrible. The spam link asks you to untag yourself from the video that is cleverly disguised as a YouTube link. Ram Gopal Varma also got such a link and he clicked it. This is what followed:

Facebook tageed in a video spam
Ram Gopal Varma finds Abhishek Bachchan's funny video

A couple of weeks back, when everyone was talking about Osama Bin Laden’s death, a spam link went viral that claimed to be a WikiLeaks video of Osama being killed by the US forces. Even Pakistani President wanted to see what was happening inside his country, so he clicked the link:

Osama's execution video leaked by WikiLeaks spam
Zardari tried to find out what US was doing inside his country

Another “popular” Facebook spam that appeared everywhere was a link that claimed to be based on a “technology” capable of predicting how would one’s face look like in 20 years. Only that this cutting edge technology ended up showing the same picture to everyone. This is what Rahul Gandhi found:

20 years info spam
Rahul Gandhi tries to find out how he'd look in future