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White dove, the symbol of peace, introduced in Angry Birds

08, Dec 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Millions of peace loving people around world were outraged when Rovio Mobile, the developers of the video game Angry Birds, announced the arrival of a new angry bird – the white dove. The white dove, with an olive branch in its beak, is the life time ambassador of peace, but the latest version of the game will see the docile bird fighting it out with greedy pigs.

The new game will be released next year and will see a white dove holding a bomb in its beak as opposed to the traditional olive branch. Players can launch the bird from the catapult and it will drop the bomb on the green pigs with a tap of the finger.

White dove with a bomb
Outrageous depiction of a white dove

“This will screw up our future generations as they will left confused forever whenever they see the white dove drawn for peace messages,” Ravindra Singh, a frequent player of Angry Birds in his office expressed his concerns, “This also screws up the traditional metaphors in literature. It’s almost like calling a snake the man’s best friend.”

Apart from avid gamers, poets, writers, and animal rights activists have also condemned the move to depict the white dove as an angry bird.

“This defeats the whole purpose of the game, which is anger management. They are not doing good by making the symbol of peace indulge in widespread violence,” said Mukul (name changed to protect identity), a fan of Angry Birds, who claims that he associates the green pigs with his boss and the game always helps him relax after a stressful day in his office.

While the game is yet to be released in India, the government has decided to pre-screen it and ban it. Government has issued a notification asking all the Internet Service Providers to block all those websites that allow downloading of Angry Birds.

“This can’t be allowed,” Kapil Sibal, union telecom minister objected to the move, “This can hurt the sentiments of people and incite communal passions as white is associated with Christianity and Green is associated with Islam. We will not allow this game to be played in India.”

Rovio Mobile has completely rejected the criticisms and especially trashed Sibal’s argument that the game could incite communal violence.

“That’s idiotic, now we perfectly understand why he was trending on Twitter in India,” a representative of Rovio Mobile told Faking News.

The game developers claim that the depiction of a white dove as an angry bird was actually in keeping with changing times, and people, especially those from India, should actually welcome it.

“I hear phrases like ‘Gandhi with Guns’ from celebrated writers like Arundhati Roy, and Anna Hazare, a Gandhian, supporting slapping of a union minister,” a Rovio Mobile representative argued, “We have similarly attempted to show that a white dove can continue to be the symbol of peace even if it killed pigs.”