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Youth in Pakistan unable to search hot Hina-Bilawal videos online

26, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Islamabad, Pakistan. Youth in Pakistan are feeling restless as they can’t search for “hot”, “leaked”, and “exclusive” videos featuring Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari because YouTube has been banned in Pakistan to save people from anti-Islam video clips.

Pakistani youth have been feeling restless to search for such videos after a Bangladeshi tabloid claimed that Hina and Bilawal were in love with each other and wanted to settle in Switzerland after marriage.

Hina Rabbani Khar
Faking News didn’t put up any picture of Bilawal Bhutto as we didn’t think that would add any value to this news report

“Pencho! They were caught in compromising position by the President! Someone must have made a video!” said 23-year-old Asif from Punjab province in Pakistan, who imagined the compromised position and even offered to draw a sketch for Faking News, but we refused.

Thousands of other young and old men in Pakistan, who knew about YouTube, expressed similar frustrations and wished that the government revoked the ban on the video sharing website.

“But there is no hope now. Even if YouTube removes the anti-Islam movie, government in Pakistan will not revoke ban on the website because Hina-Bilawal videos could be uploaded,” claimed crazy_4_lala, a regular YouTube user from Karachi with over 10,000 comments to his credit.

Apart from voyeurs, others who were disappointed with ban on YouTube were spammers and squatters who would have uploaded a random slideshow of old photographs of Hina and Bilawal, with their website’s URL on every slide, and putting the title of the clip as EXPOSED: HINA & BILAWAL CAUGHT HAVING SEX.

Meanwhile in India, millions of internet users tried their best to search for similar videos but couldn’t find anything.

“When I typed Hina Rabbani Bi…, Google autocompleted that as Hina Rabbani Birkin or Hina Rabbani Bikini and I clicked the later completely forgetting that I was searching for Hina Rabbani Bilawal,” informed Bikash, who couldn’t even find a decent and un-photoshopped picture of the Pakistan’s External Affairs Minister in bikini.