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Youths to get admin rights of the parents’ Facebook accounts

11, Jun 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. To save youths and teens from embarrassment caused by activities of their parents on Facebook, the social networking website has decided to give admin rights of parents’ accounts to their children. Once a Facebook user lists and confirms another user as his or her son or daughter, the user’s Facebook activities will become public only after approval by the offspring.

“This was much needed,” Shilpi, a 19-year-old girl whose father recently became her friend on Facebook, welcomed the step.

Shilpi had to face major embarrassment last week when her father was tricked into clicking some spam link that caused “check Sunny Leone’s never seen before pics” post to appear on her timeline.

Facebook girl
This girl was added as a friend on Facebook by Shilpi’s father. Shilpi confirmed that she will unfriend this fake profile once she gets the admin rights.

“God! I was out to watch a movie and my friends were having all the fun on my Facebook timeline!” she recalled, “Everyone, especially the guys, were liking the post by my father and that Gaurav even commented – Uncle, kya kya dekha?

Bombarded with activity notifications, a mortified Shilpi immediately removed the post by her father and unfriended Gaurav as soon as she got online. She maintains that her father must have clicked some spam links as he didn’t know Sunny Leone.

“I had a word with him that evening,” she clarified, “He is not a pervert like Gaurav!”

Shilpi claims that she has been living under the horror of such a thing getting repeated again and would often step out of the home after switching off the internet modem.

“I would make sure that I’m online whenever he went online, especially on Facebook,” she said. She’s confident that the latest decision by Facebook will make her life easy.

Similar sentiments were echoed by many other teenagers and young Facebook users who thought their parents needed “support” and “care” in the virtual world and they must be allowed to discharge their family duties.

However, experts believe that this decision by Facebook could give rise to privacy issues and legal complications.

“What if a person, say someone like ND Tiwari, refuses to add someone as his son? Will such cases go to courts? Or will Facebook settle them?” an expert wondered.