YouTuber's kid says 'Subscribe' as his first word instead of mom or dad

30, Oct 2017 By Akash Vadera

It was an unbelievable day for YouTuber / Stand-up comedian Manan Fin, when his 2-year old kid, just uttered his first word. And why is this incident news worthy? Because the first word of his kid was not mom; not dad, but the word Subscribe!

However bizarre this may sound, but it is true. We interviewed Manan and here’s what an ecstatic Manan said, “Before we begin this interview, have you all subscribed to my channel?” Since no one had, he made everyone subscribe to his channel and then continued with the interview.

“I have been on YouTube for almost 8 years now. Back then when no one had the idea of what YouTube is, I started posting random videos. And then when YouTube boom happened, my videos gained traction. My most viewed video from that time was me falling from the roof of my house. The second most viewed video was me getting kicked in the nuts by a chimpanzee in a zoo that I had visited in Chicago. It was only after the second video getting famous that I realized that I have a natural trait of making people laugh. I got to know this from the comments, which mostly read ‘LOL’. ‘ROFL’ and ‘You deserve this’.”

“Also, I am an engineer. So, at first I had obviously decided to go for my MBA, but in 2014 these start-up and stand-up things were talk of the town so I decided to go for stand-up. I got married soon and had a baby. My wife used to bring our kid to all my shows and video edits. At the end of every show/video, I used to tell the audience and viewers to subscribe to my channel. I was so used to saying subscribe that I started making random people, autowaalas, sabjiwalas and even those relatives whom I hadn’t spoken in decades, subscribe to my channel. Although, I faced resistance from some of them in a verbal as well as physical form, but it increased my subscriber base so it was worth it,” he added.

“And then 2 days ago, my wife noticed that our kid is trying to say something. I left my shoot midway and came home running. Just when I entered room, my kid uttered Subscribe!” says a teary eyed Manan. “I was so so happy. I always wanted that my kid should become a YouTuber/ Stand-up comedian, and I am very happy that he has started his preparations this soon.”

Truly amazing, isn’t it? We are very happy for Manan Fin and if you haven’t subscribed to his channel, subscribe today! (He promised us that if we say this, he won’t show us more of his videos during the interview).