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10 minutes of talking to each other were enough for us to figure out that we were made for each other, claims couple

06, Jul 2015 By Anil Sharma

Jaipur: Rahul and Sonam who got married last week are more than happy about the way things turned out for them. The couple met just a month ago at Sonam’s place as their parents arranged a meet-up for them. Apparently, they liked each other enough and agreed to get married.

10 minutes is all you need
10 minutes is all you need

“I was told to look only at the floor while meeting her parents by my mom. I think the trick worked, they liked me instantly or maybe they liked the fact that I was an employed geek looking guy. Well, thank God that the floor tiles had a really nice flowery design,” Rahul added.

“While I stared at the tiles our parents talked to each other about almost everything and my mom managed to tell them that they were looking for a daughter-in-law that’s fair, docile and comes home early from work. Her parents also managed to convince my mom that their daughter is the one they are looking for,” Rahul stated.

“I was happy even before I saw Sonam. The table we sat next to was full of food, even though I was told not to eat much by my mom I still managed to consume half a dozen of the samosas,” Rahul went on to add.

“Few moments later Sonam arrived dressed in fine clothes and she brought tea for everyone. Who wouldn’t like a woman serving tea? Till now, everything was happening according to the rule book,” Rahul said.

When asked if they even talked for a minute Rahul said that after finishing tea and snacks his father suddenly stood up and said, “Bhai, let them get to know each other as well, we toh can continue with this Q&A round later too, why not just leave them alone and let them talk to each other for 10 minutes,” Everybody chuckled and walked out of the room.

“Those 10 minutes were the most important for us. That was the time I got to stare at her properly. We lied about our educational qualifications, our hobbies, our love for animals and our past relationships in those 10 minutes. For the rest of the time we checked our phones. I even managed to clear a candy crush level. However, it brought us so much closer that we agreed to get married,” Rahul concluded.

When our reporter asked “Are you guys really happy?”, they both replied in unison, “Well, we don’t want to kill each other.”