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15K CCTV cameras placed in Delhi gone missing a day after Obama left India

28, Jan 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: A day after Obama left Delhi; most of the CCTV cameras which were installed to provide security were found stolen from the streets. Some were even traced back to the Chor Market and Gaffar Market where people bought them at throw away price and are using it for video chat.

Obama Bye
“Good bye India and take care of the camera”

As soon as the news broke Delhi Police got into the act and deployed a team of 100 constables to scan CCTV footage, identify and nab the culprits. But then they realized it was pointless to hope for the footage when cameras itself got stolen. Meanwhile under pressure from media to provide at least some update on something, Delhi Police held a press conference showing vital leads in Sunanda Pushkar death and IPL spot fixing cases.

AAP chief, Arvind Kejriwal was quick to seize the opportunity and blamed the company that installs the CCTV cameras, for the theft. He said, “Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay has links with the owner of the company that installs cameras. Both are involved in the scam. I know from my ‘sources’ that he is planning to join BJP. If BJP loses this election, defeat will be blamed on him, but if BJP wins credit will go to Modi ji.” When Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked him what is his ‘Source’ of information, he smiled and winked at Ashutosh but did not answer the question.

Congress has also opened attack on BJP after this news came in. Ajay Maken told a press conference, “CCTV cameras are deliberately removed so that people cannot see the enormous crowd coming to our rallies.” He chuckled briefly before continuing. “It also ensures that Police cannot take action on BJP Ke Gundey when they throw eggs, ink etc on our roadshows. Wait; who the hell has given me wrong speech, this was supposed to be sent to Kejriwal!!!” Soon after he tore away the speech and left the scene.

Meanwhile, people at Delhi BJP headquarter had no qualms or allegations to make on anybody in this issue. One BJP leader told us, “Obama America se aaye to Delhi me CCTV camera lag gaye, Kiran ji IAC se aayi CM candidate ban gayi, Shazia ji AAP se aayi aur star pracharak ban gayi. Bahar se log aate hain, unka aadar satkar hota hai. Hume to koi puchta bhi nahi. It’s like an IT job. If you switch you get hike and promotion. If you stay loyal all you get to do is hard work.”