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2 golgappawalas arrested for replying in English to college girls' demand for extra chutney

23, Mar 2015 By avinashbhati

New Delhi. Four girls from Delhi University had to admitted to hospital after they suffered minor heart attacks while having golgappas outside their college.

When our reporter Chandu Khabardaar tried to contact Sakshi, one of the girls, she burst into tears and told him how they were hanging out, clicking selfies minutes before they saw golgappawalas and decided to gorge on some golgappas before going back to college clicking selfies.

“Golgappawala bhaiyas were looking very innocent. And everything was going on fine till 12th golgappa arrived on our plate,” Sakshi recounted.

Such command over English shamed the girls completely.
Such command over English shamed the girls completely.

“That is when my best friend told the golgappawala bhaiya that ‘Its so amazingly spicy bhaiya, can I have some extra chutney bhaiya?’,” she told our reporter.

It was the reply of the golgappawala that completely took the girls aback, when he said ‘We are extremely sorry, mam. But we don’t have anymore chutneys left. Thank you for your support.’

Shocked at finding the golgappawala speaking fluent English, all 4 girls got minor heart attacks and fell unconscious.

Delhi Police soon swung into action and arrested both golgappawalas on the account of inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour.

According to the sources from Delhi Police, 2 oxford dictionaries, one ’30 dino me aangrezi seekhe‘ book and a book containing tweets by Deepak Chopra was recovered from both of them.

Mahila Aayog too has demanded to slap molestation case on both the culprits, arguing how dare they reply back to customer in English.

Meanwhile impressed with golgappawalas command over English, Mc Donalds has decided to bail them out and have decided to make them in charge for their new product Mc Gappa.

“Now that these guys know English, they are ready for the role of cashier in our outlets,” said the head of Mc Donald India.