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After 3 hours of struggle person is connected to right customer care executive but forgets what he called for

16, Dec 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Anuj Chauhan after trying for three hours was connected to the right customer executive of the bank, but his objective remained unaccomplished as he forgot for what he called for.

“Customer care executive person at the other end was repeatedly asking me, how can I help you sir? I was trying to recollect, but nothing came to mind. Not to show the bank call center person I am a fool, just asked what is the last date to connect Aadhaar with bank account, knowing very well it is 31st December,” said Anuj while speaking to one his colleague at office.

Agar teen ghanta lagayenge customer care executive se call lagane mein, utne to mein aapna biwi ka naam bhul jaonga, ghanta, yaad rahega, kis ke liye call kiya tha,” said Anuj who was taking double dose of cigarette to get over the ‘hum hai na’ hangover that was still ringing is his years.

While sharing his call experience with his colleague, he said, “Morning around 9 o’clock I called bank, heard I am twenty-two in the queue. Then I went for bath keeping my phone in speaker phone mode. Puja kiya, then ate breakfast, replied all my pending emails, still the same tune was playing in the background. Around 10:30 AM some Seema picked up the call, then forwarded to another customer executive called Prakash, then to Payal, then to some other Seema I think. Pura round ghumaya, now I know how many people work in the call center of that bank.”

After having a cup of coffee and snacks, Anuj pulled out his wallet to handover his credit card to waiter. Looking at his credit card, he said, “Man, I remember for what I called today. The bank has sent one platinum card to me without my acknowledgement and charged annual fees for that. I called them to reverse the fees and cancel the card. Let me call the bank again.”

Anuj after setting his status to ‘do not disturb till midnight’ tried again to reach the right customer care objective using his office ‘free’ phone.