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3yr old doesn’t know how to unlock daddy’s iPhone, parents feel humiliated

31, Jan 2015 By burabandar

New Delhi. Baby Rihaan could have been a little bundle of joy of Ravi & Anjali Mahajan, sadly he is not. The 3yr old has become a cause of worry for his parents due to his dim-witted growth. Rihan is a lonely child, he prefers the loneliness of the park to having a true companion in YouTube.

“Why Rihaan, why?”

Unlike kids of his age, who are tech-savvy & YouTube aficionados, Rihaan is more interested in playing with Lego and wanting to visit the zoo. Both Ravi & Anjali are extremely concerned with this curious case of their child and fear him becoming a public embarrassment to them.

In-between her uncontrollable sobs, Anjali says, “He is such a sweet kid. We were so happy till he was 1. I used to post each picture of him on Facebook and all of them would get so many likes. However once he turned 1, we did notice he was not interested at all in the computer screen. Can you imagine, a 1yr old not interested in the computer screen???? He wouldn’t look at his FB pictures; neither watch any of the kids videos on YouTube, but just keep looking out of the window. Obviously we were shocked,” Ravi holding her tightly chips in, “Worse things followed. Once friends and relatives came over and displayed all the kids stuff their kids engaged in, we really felt bad. You know even the art of unlocking an iPhone which now a 2yr old can do, but Ravi wouldn’t even pose for the phone when I clicked him, neither want to play Talking Tom. The doctor said he is fine. But how can he be? Just imagine a child wanting to visit the zoo rather than play on iPad. It’s not normal.”

Says Rihan’s nanny Sunita, “Sir-Madam bekaar mein chinta karte hain. Abhi to guest aate hain to wo sharm ke maare, Rihan Baba ko sula dete hain. Maine to Anjali madam ko Sir se sleeping pill ke bare mein bhi kahte suna hai. Unko lagta hai Rihan Baba shaant isliye hain kyunki wo mobile phone se nahi khelte. Rehan Baba to park mein khelna chahte hain, magar wahan to bahut kam bachhe aate hain ab. Humari jhoparpatti mein bhi to bachhe ground mein khel khel ke khush hain, computer ki kya jaroorat?” (Sir-Ma’am are worried for no reason. They feel so ashamed of Rihan Baba that they put him to sleep, when guests come come to home. I’ve heard ma’am even mentioning to Sir to give him sleeping pills. They think Rihan Baba is dim-witted because he does not play with phone. But he just wants to play with kids out in the park, however hardly many kids come there now days. What is computer to do with happiness of a child, in my slum also kids love playing with each other than with the computer and they’re happy).