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4G girl now claims to book tickets on IRCTC on Internet Explorer within 3 seconds, Bill Gates shocked

07, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: In an extreme show of strength of 4G networks the 4G girl was able open websites such as, and other government websites within a matter of few seconds in front of a large audience at Jantar Mantar.

Bill Gates scratching his head wondering how it happened
Bill Gates scratching his head wondering how it happened

But  whole audience led out a huge gasp of surprise when the 4G girl not only opened IRCTC but was able to book tickets through the website within a matter of 3 seconds.

And that was not all when someone in audience asked her to take the challenge to the next level and not use Firefox or chrome but use Internet explorer to open IRCTC, she duly accepted the challenge.

Faking news spoke to multiple people in the audience and asked them about what happened next. Akroshitej Awadhiya a college student who was present at Jantar Mantar said, “We couldn’t believe ourselves. She started the 4G wifi-hotspot and connected her laptop to it. The timer started from 00:00 secs and she quickly opened Internet explorer, it opened like in fraction of seconds. Then she smiled and typed in IRCTC, our heart-beats were racing like hell. The website opened in less than a second. The she quickly logged in and booked tickets from New Delhi railway station to Patna railway station within the next second and she got confirmation within 2 nano-seconds. Timer was reading 2.77 seconds when she was donw!!! Whole audience let out a gasp –“Woahhhh” ans started to clap. It was a miracle. We all bowed down to her in honor.”

Shruti Shaukeen another college student had similar story to narrate, “I couldn’t stop myself. I said IRCTC on IE, that too in 3 seconds, I screamed “Ye to cheating hai yaar”. And she smiled and said ‘Cheating nahi hai yaar, 4G hai 4G’ A couple of girls in the audience fainted due to shock and were later taken to a nearby dispensary.”

While this show of signal strength has sent shock-waves throughout the country, Microsoft evangelist Bill-Gates has expressed extreme shock and concern at this development.

He quoted in a press-release, “Tired of slowness and performance jokes on IE, we decided to shelve it and for what? We did not know that in future will come a revolutionary technology which will boost IE performance so much that you could even open notoriously slow websites such as IRCTC on it so quickly. The last time I checked even took good 25 seconds to open on IE. This is a revolutionary tech, which if falls in wrong hands can completely change the world as we know it today. Which is why we plan to buy this tech for how much ever billions of dollars it requires to buy it, so that it can be controlled in our safe hands.”