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5 ways to meet your financial needs while living your dream of watching popular American TV series all day long

13, Nov 2014 By idiot420

It would be a dream come true for many of the TV series addicts, if they get a way to meet their financial needs while living their dream of watching popular American TV series all day long.

From Seinfeld, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones to Homeland, the list is endless, but our life span in limited.

If this what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Keeping the fact in mind, Faking News brings to you list of things to do in order to pay your bills without wasting much time in doing irrelevant stuffs which you don’t like at all. You have only one life, better spend it doing what you actually want to do.

1. Watch TV series while sitting by the roadside: Put a table and a chair by the roadside outside your home. On the table, place your laptop, a bowl and a placard saying ‘I am addicted to US TV shows and I can’t quit. Need monetary help to survive.’ Now, keep watching TV series all day long. People will understand your situation and out of sympathy, will generously offer you money. And the fact that you are watching some American show and know English will put you a step ahead of normal Indian beggars. Given a chance, a normal Indian will certainly prefer you over a typical Indian beggar.

2. Put yourself as some weird showpiece at the local museum: While finishing multiple episodes in one sitting, you barely even move from one place and position. So better to use this talent. Dress yourself as a man from prehistoric period and sit like an idle with your laptop, at the local museum for hours. It will be fun for people to watch and you, and they may even pay you.

3. Charge money from people for not disclosing spoilers: Download and watch crucial episodes of various popular series the moment their torrents arrive. Now, you are hours ahead of fellow viewers, who will most probably watch the show next day after returning from their offices. These are the few hours you need to capitalize one. Carry a big placard saying ‘Donate generously, or I will reveal the climax of Homeland Season 4 episode 7,’ or something similar and roam around in office areas. Although it looks like a threat and blackmail, people out of fear will pay you.

4. Charge money from random people for discussing show episodes: Out there, there are many TV series fans with almost zero social life. Although they watch TV series, they don’t have any friends to discuss it with and what’s the point of watching those shows if you don’t have someone to discuss it with. After something bad happens in the show, you need someone to shed tears with, at happy moments, you need someone to celebrate with. You should target that section of society. Start a helpline for those lone people and charge money for per minute of your telephonic company.

5. Quit your job and instead take up an HR job: If you like office ambience and don’t want to quit corporate job, better switch to HR job profile. Watch TV serials while sitting in office whole day, and when you get tired of sitting, stand up, walk around, move few files and talk to office employees to freshen up your mood.