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5-year old twins separated in Kumbh Mela reunite after 25 seconds using Whatsapp and Google maps

28, Sep 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mahakumbh: Ram Barjatiya and Shyam Barjatiya, two 5 year old kids who happened to be twin brothers got separated from each other at 10:25:15 AM in the Kumbh Mela, but re-united with each other after just 25 seconds at 10:25:40 AM.

No more lost and found at Kumbh Mela thanks to technology.
No more lost and found at Kumbh Mela thanks to technology.

According to an eyewitness, the kids were able to use their smartphones especially Whatsapp and Google maps to coordinate with each other and re-unite easily within matter of seconds.

Ram and Shyam’s father Dr Suraj Barjatiya spoke to media in detail about this incident and praised his kids. He said, “Kids these days know technology more than we ever did. I was actually separated from my twin brother Dr. Dheeraj Barjatiya in Kumbh mela and we re-united after 25 years. My father Shri Nand Kishore Barjatiya got separated from his twin brother Shri Raj Kishore Barjatiya in Kumbh mela and they re-united after 25 years too.”

“25 years is pretty much the standard set by Bollywood for unification of brothers/sisters separated at Kumbh mela. But these kids are different. They got separated and re-united in just 25 seconds. They used, WhatsApp, Google maps, FB status updates, tweeted multiple times and somehow found each other within seconds. This is pretty remarkable and record breaking,” he added.

While re-unification of these kids is a relief for their parents, veteran Bollywood gossip-reporter Mrs. Sajida Sanjeedgi presents quite a different take on the whole incident.

She said, “It is sad to see such mis-use of technology which is preventing heart-wrenching stories from being created. Our ancient rustic souls, untouched by gadgets, actually served as good story characters for Bollywood story-writers but what would our writers write about now? The story would end in just 25 seconds.”

“This precisely is the reason you don’t see any stories in Bollywood these days. There are just movies, no stories. Stupid technology has taken it all away. I wish those old days were back,” said Mrs. Sajida, wiping tears from her eyes.

Although Bollywood gossip reporters are calling rise of technology a disturbing trend, seasoned Bollywood story-writer Lalit Lajwani dismisses any such concerns.

He said, “A good writer always finds a twist in the story and can convert 25 seconds into a 4 hour long emotional saga. What if after the twins separated, the internet signals in the area were weak and poor twins weren’t able to meet each other after-all. One twin goes onto become a dangerous evil hacker who hacks the likes of Pentagon and Google in under 5 seconds and the other twin becomes cyber-crime expert who chases lethal hackers and fights from the positive side.”

“Both meet each other after span of 25 years, exchange identities and try to beat each other at the hacking game. Aap twin ke peeche, twin aapke peeche, whatte fun, and then in the climax scene the cyber crime expert brother dies in the arms of the evil hacker brother, and the evil hacker vows to now turn good and serve mankind. Movie ends on high note. Put SRK in there and you have a 200 crore film right there,” Lajwani quipped.