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58 year old FTII student suffering from arthritis miraculously cured after police lathi charge

07, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

Pune: The police lathi charge on protesting FTII students may have got them a lot of flak for using brute force against ‘young students’ but it has left one student happy and in a better shape than before.

The protests that cured Mr. Phadnis' arthritis
The protests that cured Mr. Phadnis’ arthritis

Aman Singh, who joined the institute in 1985 and has been working on a project was one the several IIFT students who were protesting against Gajendra Chauhans appointment. Speaking to  Faking News Aman Singh said, “I have been suffering from arthritis for quite some time and have tried everything from allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda to even Nirmal Baba but nothing gave me permanent relief.”

“When we were protesting today and the cops rained their lathis on us, one of the cop whacked me on the leg. It did hurt a bit initially but later i realised that my arthritis pain was no longer there. I must say that though I was against Gajendra Chauhan’d appointment, this incident has proved to be a blessing in disguise for me,” he said while uploading a pic of his knee on Facebook.

After the news of Aman Singhs miraculous cure found its way on main stream media, many puneites from surrounding localities rushed to the protest spot to get themselves treated.

Bajirao Phadinis, a 75 year old retired govt. employee shared his experience of finding cure amidst the chaos. He said, “I have been suffering from slip disc for the last 10 years and after hearing the news I immediately went to the protest venue and started chanting ‘Gajendra Chauhan go back’. I managed to pass off as an FTII student and also got 3 whacks from the cop’s lathi on my back. Exactly on the same spot where my back pain was troubling me.”

Meanwhile, Govt is mulling a new FTII complex given the amount of negative press the old one got. “We are planning to build a new complex for the coming batch and convert the old one into Home For the Aged, for obvious reasons,” said a source from the ministry.