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60 kilos of suspected Monica Bedi recovered from Arthur Road Jail

29, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Police have till now recovered 60 kilos of what looks like Monica Bedi from a cell in the Arthur Road Jail after investigations began last Saturday with recovery of a ladies undergarment from one of the bathrooms in the jail. The concerned bathroom belonged to the underworld don Abu Salem, who is currently lodged in the same jail as an accused in the 1993 Bombay blasts case.

“We have sent the matter for forensic examination, but prima facie it looked like Monica Bedi.” a jail source said.

Monica Bedi (pic courtesy Sulekha.com)
Something similar was recovered from Arthur Road jail in Mumbai

Police had started their investigation last Saturday after Abu Salem was allegedly attacked by another don named Mustafa Dossa with a spoon. Since spoon was not a recognized weapon of attack under Indian laws, jail authorities started looking for other weapons and proofs within the premises, leading to the discovery of a push-up bra in Salem’s bathroom.

“If it was biryani, mobiles, or Reid & Taylor suit, we’d not have been surprised, but this was a bit strange for our jail, so we ordered further inquiry.” jail superintendent R R Patil said.

Initially some of the authorities suspected Salem of being a cross-dresser but this likelihood was rejected by the senior officials who were close to Salem and enjoyed friendly relations with him.

“He is not a pervert.” said one of the senior jail officials about Abu Salem.

During course of further investigations, possible weapons of attack like thermos bottle, nail-cutter, dumbbells, etc. were recovered from Salem’s cell but later they were found to have been provided to the don on the orders of a court.

But the investigators were left clueless when they recovered what appeared like Monica Bedi.

“Some of us do provide cigarettes or beedi to the inmates but we had no idea how this Bedi came inside.” said one of the constables on conditions of anonymity.