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65 IT engineers write to Modi explaining how to flaunt first onsite US trip

05, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Soon after Indian PM Narendra Modi accepted Barack Obama’s invitation to visit US, a group of 65 IT engineers has written a letter to Modi explaining how to flaunt first onsite US trip.

All the 65 concerned engineers have been to US in past, and they feel that it’s their duty to share what they know with the Prime Minister.

Modi ready for his first US trip.

“Going to US and all is fine, but what’s the use of it if people around you don’t know about that? It’s completely useless to go and come back quietly. It’s like putting over a Rs 500 shawl after wearing Armani suit,” said one of the signatories to the letter.

In the letter, engineers have urged Modi to immediately update his Facebook status and tweet something to let people in his social circle know that he is going to US.

Prateek Sharma, an engineer working for IT giant Dinosys, who popped up this letter idea, said, “Modi Ji should make neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal aware that he is going abroad. It helps you increase your brand value. I went to US in 2009, just for a couple of months, but even today, my neighbours ask their children to think of me as their role model.”

“As he has to visit US in September, he must be feeling very excited, we can understand that. That’s why we have advised him to channelize this excitement properly and use the next couple of months to spread this news to every possible person on this planet, like I did back in 2009,” Prateek added.

Modi has also been advised to send laddoos to his political rivals. “It will make them jealous for sure. It’s a tried and tested trick. When I was offered an onsite opportunity, I did it with one of my colleagues,” quipped a friend of Prateek.

In the letter, the signatories even explained benefits of Facebook checking-in at foreign airports. As per them, it adds an international demeanour to the personality of the person checking-in.

“After getting photographed with foreigners and checking-in at local pubs, please don’t forget to update your status – Having dinner with Obama at White House,” read an excerpt from the letter.

Signatories have also requested Modi to keep talking about his US visit for atleast a month after returning from US. They believe, it would finally establish Modi as an international leader.