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80% of youngsters living away from families ready to lie to their parents on what they did on New Year's Eve

31, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Delhi/Bangalore. As per a survey conducted by a leading research organization, 80% of youngsters living away from their families are ready to lie to their parents on the 1st of January, on they welcomed new year with soft drinks and cakes.

And surprisingly, even maximum percentage of parents are looking forward to accept their children’s lies as truth.

“Nothing special dad, will cut cake with friends”

“We have been doing this ever since my son went to Bangalore to study engineering. Now it’s almost 7 years. Believing his lie is now part of the new year’s customary tradition,” said Delhiite Brajesh Sharma, father of a 25 year old IT professional Anuj Sharma.

Even Anuj is very excited about the phone call that he will make to his father after waking up late on the 1st January.

“I mean, I am so habituated of doing this, that it doesn’t feel like a lie. You can compare it with my response during my college days, when papa used to ask, ‘Aur beta, padhai kaisi chal rahi hai?‘ and I used to say, ‘Badhiya papa‘. There was an understanding between us, as both us were knowing how my study was going on. Such questions and answers are always above the truth and lie. They are like a natural response to an external stimulus, and you can’t call natural response a truth or a lie,” Anuj explained the phenomenon giving example from his college life.

Not just Anuj, many sons and daughters across the country are ready with made up stories they would be telling to their parents, without feeling guilty. While most of them will be lying from outside the gates of pubs and nightclubs, many are preferring to do that from their flats so that there is not too much noise if the parents call.

“My friends will be coming over to my place on 31st night, and at around midnight we will talk to our parents so that they don’t call in the morning when we will be down with the hangover. To be frank, it will be an insult of liquor, as speaking lie after getting drunk is unethical, but dude, anything to make my parents feel happy,” Prakash, an employee of Infosys told Faking News.

However, taking precautionary measures, Prakash and his friends will be avoiding using Kinley mineral water.

“You can still resist your feelings to speak truth after drinking alcohol, but not after Kinley,” feared Prakash.