A black cat continues even after another black cat crossed her path; world feeling betrayed

26, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Patna. In what could be called as a moment of betrayal for the entire humanity, a local black cat named ‘Kajari’, ignoring all the rules and regulations, continued her journey even after another black cat crossed her path.

Hypocrite Kajari.
Hypocrite creature.

It’s a known fact that having a black cat crossing path is considered by many to be an omen of doom. But the unfortunate incident has left people wondering that if cat themselves believe in this rule.

“These cats are hypocrites and are not much different from Asaram Bapu,” said Manohar Yadav, who was still recovering from the Asaram’s jolt when he heard of this cat incident, “It has completely broken my faith.”

Ram Basaawan, who once left a job interview after a cat crossed his path, is so irked that he has vowed to eliminate the entire black cat species from the Earth. Our reporter spotted him running behind cats wearing a black head scarf. Ram Basaawan was wearing the scarf.

Not just stray incidents in India, news of protests and violence against black cats are coming from different parts of the world. This has forced the black cats to rethink their positioning in the society.

Sources say that the black cat community is quite angered by the deeds of ‘Kajari’, because of whom the human might stop taking black cats seriously.

“Now both humans and the black cat community are after my friend, Kajari naa ghar ki rahi naa ghaat ki,” revealed a close friend of Kajari fearing for safety of Kajari’s life.

However, some of the firm believers of black cat superstition are still unperturbed and are seeing the looming danger over life of Kajari as a result of her sinful act.

“She ignored the law, and now she is running for her life, what more you need to prove black cat law? As you sow, so shall you reap,” said Pundit Madholal reaffirming his belief.