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Adarsh Housing Society building goes missing from Mumbai

14, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Barely a few hours after important papers related to Adarsh Housing Society scam were reported to have gone missing from the Ministry of Environment and Forests office in New Delhi, CBI officials discovered that the whole Adarsh building itself was missing from its place in Mumbai.

The area in Colaba, where the Adarsh Housing building stood tall till now, wore a naked look as there was no trace left of the skyscraper, which was often called the “monument of corruption”.

“We have no idea what happened to the building,” CBI officer Karamchand Tripathi said, throwing up his arms up in frustration, “We tried asking people around but everyone says they didn’t see anything. In fact, many of them don’t even remember the building being here at first place. Public memory is really short!”

Adarsh Housing Society signboard
Nothing but this signboard, which is also fading away with time, remains of the scam that shook the nation a few months back.

An FIR regarding the incident has been filed in the local police station as officials suspect that the building might have been stolen by anti-social elements. Mr. Tripathi has arrested a couple of rag-pickers for questioning, who were seen loitering around the land where the Adarsh building once stood, but is cynical about the case now.

“Although we found a couple of bricks in their sacks, these guys don’t look like the ones who might have stolen the building,” Tripathi informed about the suspects Raghu, 9, and Karim, 13.

“No Adarsh building exists,” union minister Kapil Sibal confirmed the news, as state and central governments expressed surprise over the disappearance of the building.

“The law will take its own course, we have full faith in the system,” Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan said, and asked people not to worry about such small incidents. “The building could have been ordered to be demolished anyway,” he pointed out.

Experts believe that disappearance of the building could prove to be a turning point in the case as it was an important part of the scam.

“Now that there is no building, it would be hard to prove that there was any scam,” a legal expert said, “While the CM is asking people not to worry, he might have to worry about his post as Ashok Chavan could ask his chair back.”

The legal expert further pointed out that the even if the Parliament passed the Jan Lokpal Bill in its proposed form by the civil society, the accused would still be safe as it’d become almost impossible to prove a scam without any evidence left – neither the papers nor the building.

Sources say CBI could soon file a closure report in the case.