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Adarsh Liberals to flood Whatsapp, Facebook etc with 'inspirational' quotes of Yakub Memon

31, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai/New Delhi/JNU/Jamia Milia. Unable to save 93 Mumbai blast convict Yakub Memon from getting hanged, the frustrated lot of Adarsh liberals has not given up.

As a tribute to the innocent terrorist, they are now planning to flood WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all other social networking platforms with his ‘inspirational’ and ‘memorable’ quotes. They argue that now that judiciary and Modi govt has failed them, this is their only way of keeping ‘Idea of Yakub India’ alive.

Secularism and Intellectualism in every pixel of this pic
Secularism and Intellectualism in every pixel of this pic

It should be recalled that immediately after former president APJ Abdul Kalam passed away, social networking platforms, media outlets etc were flooded with his inspirational quotes, which went viral and enthralled one an all.

While most of those were indeed spoken by Kalam, quite a few of them had their origins traced to daaru parties and past deaths of other legends.

The Adarsh Liberal brigade is now trying to create the same impact in the minds of young Indians wrt Yakub Memom, all of whom liberals fear are turning into jingoistic sanghis.

“Yakub Memon was an intellectual just like us, who became victim of this fascist regime, again just like us. Though we could not get to meet him, we are pretty sure he must have said some great things to stay about secularism, liberalism etc” argued Kavita Krishnan, one of the founding members of Adarsh Liberal brigade, when asked how they got access to stuff said by Yakub.

“Hanging a terrorist is like hanging his entire religion”, “Terrorism has no religion”, “Death penalty should be abolished”, “Hang Modi and Amit Shah for the crimes they have been acquitted off by courts” and some more like these were the sample quotes that Faking News reporter got access to while they were in process of getting compiled at Indian Express office in Nariman Point.