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Adarsh society to be converted into a museum of corruption, evidence from all scams to be exhibited

05, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Few days after Bombay High Court ordered demolition of Adarsh Cooperative Housing Society, Government has put forward a proposal to avoid demolishing the building. Instead of carrying out the demolition, Government has proposed converting the society into a museum dedicated to corruption.

Adarsh society
Adarsh society- Adarsh corruption

While High Court is yet to accept this proposal, Government of India is very upbeat about it and confident that the esteemed Court will accept this proposal.

“For years Indian police and anti-corruption bureaus have been collecting evidence in scams involving politicians and we believe we have enough material to make a complete museum. Right from the Jeep scam to Agusta Westland, evidence will be displayed to the general public and they can marvel at the number of scams successfully executed in India”, a spokesperson for ministry of culture said.

He further added, “Apart from the evidence, we will also keep artefacts related to those scams. There will be a Bofors gun, a toilet paper roll from Commonwealth scam, a question paper from Vyapam, a sim card with 2G connection etc. This will be a very educating experience for every visitor. They can even take tips on how to execute a scam from our museum guides.”

When asked whether they are celebrating corruption by opening this museum, the spokesperson said, “No, you have it wrong. We are not celebrating anything. As ministry of culture, it is our job to keep our traditional values and culture alive. Corruption is part of our culture and unless we make monuments for it, it may die. All the evidence collected was lying unused anyway so we decided to use it for public service.”

As per sources, all the politicians accused in various scams will be hired as the guides at this museum.

Meanwhile, Defense ministry has denied reports that they are planning to convert Pathankot airbase to a museum for terrorism. “Just because we let some Pakistani tourists visit it doesn’t mean that we are opening it a tourist site for all”, said a Defense ministry spokesperson.